Kacie Eats: Valentine's Day

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I’m baaaaaack. I conveniently either forgot or had Diane do Kacie Eats in January because my bones were too tired. Three kids is no joke, you guys. I can’t even go out to eat and spend proper time on my “research” for this fine publication. 

Something really bad happened for February Kacie Eats, though, and I almost don’t even want to mention it, but I have to be truthful with you. We went out to eat at a restaurant with some friends for the sole purpose of doing this month’s Kacie Eats. Well, halfway though the meal my friend nervously says, “…mine is not that good…” then one by one we ALL agreed that NOBODY liked their food. It was a tragic waste of a babysitter. I won’t mention the resto cause it’s all about love here. 

And now we pivot. Here are my top 5 date restaurants in honor of our favorite day of love—Valentine’s Day!   

In no particular order:

1. The Daily Table at Vast—This is the daily buffet ( ) at Vast, which is on the top of the Devon Tower. Amazing 360 degree views, different menu daily, and usually about 6-7 miniature dessert options. Imagine tiny chocolate mousse shooters and baby creme brûlées. It’s such a fun experience and I want to say at lunchtime it’s about $20/person. SUPER reasonable for the quality and location. We love to celebrate birthdays here, too. 

2. The ::secret:: downstairs lounge at Nic’s in Midtown—I did not even know this basement existed until like 3 months ago. It doesn’t even feel like OKC. Get a Nic’s burger that you love and hang out for some drinks or milkshakes in the coolest dark and quiet lounge in OKC.

3. Vito’s—What is more romantic than a hole in the wall authentic Italian restaurant?! Reminds me of the classic 2000s Minnie Driver film “Return To Me”…wow, have you all seen that movie?! When the gorilla puts his hand to her heart? Tears every time. 

4. Redrock Canyon Grill—This one will be a home-run every time. Good food, good service, lake views. You can even walk around afterwards, just try to avoid any active shooters. Too soon?

5. The Melting Pot—Throwing this one in for my main man Kaleb Kinney. He took me here in January of 2009 before he proposed. We were BABIES, you guys. I love experience meals, and my mom used to do a full fondue dinner in our living room on Super Bowl Sunday, so fonduing will always hold a special place in my heart. As will dipping bread in melted cheese. Holler!

Hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating those you love. We are heading to Dallas to take part in the Keller Williams yearly convention. We look forward to learning and growing our business in big ways this year. Thank you for doing life and business alongside us!